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About Us

Many people really need a good lawyer. And many people know this – they worry about signing documents with fine print, or arranging family affairs, or finding justice in rental property disputes.

Or they just need a letter and an idea of what their rights are. Or they need help filling out paperwork or knowing when and where to file government documents.

There are many tasks that are more efficiently, safely, or easily done with some legal help. And there are bad or disappointing things that can happen if that help is not available. But getting a lawyer’s help still seems to be a harder or more haphazard process than it ought to be.

The Internet, combined with an open flat-fee legal pricing scheme, has the potential to change this. It provides confidentiality, flexibility, security, and ease.

Olson Legal Services, LLLC, was formed to provide everyone with a family lawyer – someone who can be called upon at any time, who will answer questions, and who will provide the most commonly needed legal services at reasonable prices that people know about and agree to before any arrangement is made.

OLS can also provide many important legal services for businesses and proprietors who want to be able to discuss their options with a lawyer, to have a lawyer oversee mailings or organization matters, or to be sure that government documents are correctly executed. Our website is secure.

Click here for a detailed list of Christopher Olson's qualifications.

Try us out! Give us a task and see how the system works.

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(808) 286-3407

Christopher Olson
PO Box 240842
Honolulu, HI 96824