Sample Prices


Need a document for an upcoming deadline?  Login and ask a free question, and we will agree on a price in advance.

This option is for people who find themselves in need of court document (or something similar) and would like a professional to prepare it, but are worried about the expense.

Do you need to calculate the child support you should be asking for or are expected to pay?  Don’t have the time or patience to fill out an income and expense or asset and debt statement?  Have you gotten a judgment or order in your favor and now are expected to draft what was decided by the judge for the opposing party to sign?  Would you like a lease other than the kind you can buy at a hardware store? Let Olson Legal Services prepare the document professionally.  Simply contact OLS when you need to.  

This option is also appropriate for attorneys who need assistance with document preparation because of workload or commitments. 

In most cases we can offer this service for $50 or less. Login and ask a free question/receive a quote for your specific situation. 

Document Review

Simple Documents -- $5 per page
Medium Level of Difficulty -- $10 per page
Difficult Documents -- $15 per page
All Document Review Includes Initial Reaction/Advice/Corrections. 

If the document really needs a lot of work, we will need to come to another agreement to fix the document.  These prices are to give you an idea of what to expect.  If you have a long and difficult document, however, do not worry. We can work something out. Login and ask a free question/receive a quote for your specific situation. 

Family Plan

[a document containing the details of a shared custody arrangement]-- $100

Legal Research/Electronic Research

Olson Legal Services offers very thorough computer research.  This service can be useful in a number of situations.  For example:

Need to know what your soon-to-be ex-husband’s assets are? Need a legal precedent? Need to locate someone (so you can serve them legal papers)? Need to know what the law is regarding your situation?

$25 per hour.  Login for an estimate of the time required.

Simple Powers of Attorney

(for example healthcare)--$25-$100, to be agreed in advance.

Simple Wills

$100-$150, to be agreed in advance.

Small Business Setup

(corporations, LLCs, Trade Name Registration)--$100-$250, to be agreed in advance.

 Service includes choice of entity advice, assistance with filing articles of organization or articles of incorporation, and drafting your business’s operating agreement or partnership agreement

Simple Trusts

$100-$150, to be agreed in advance.

Login and ask a free question/receive a quote for your specific situation. 
Have a lot of assets/a complicated trust situation?  That’s okay.  At Olson Legal Services we will charge very reasonably for the additional time it takes to create your will/trust.  At OLS we want to offer affordable legal service.

Uncontested divorces

from under $500.  This service is appropriate if no one is trying to stop you from proceeding with your planned course of action.

For example, you are getting divorced. You and your spouse are able to agree about how to divide up your assets and custody of your children.  But you still are worried that your rights are not being protected in your divorce paperwork. 

Legal paperwork and legal procedures are often daunting and confusing at times when your mind should really be on other things. Legal help and expert knowledge can help you handle many situations more easily and safely.

These are samples, not the whole range of services available.

Login and ask a free question/receive a quote for your individual situation.

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